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    Recruiting Consulting and Coaching

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    Our model

    Strategy + Process + People


    We help high-growth companies find, develop, and retain great talent.
    • create people strategy aligned with your values, culture, and business goals
    • develop the story that differentiates you from competition and resonates with target recruits
    • establish recruiting channels that continually provide the talent you want
    • build a robust, scalable process for long-term success
    • assemble and train your team -- both recruiters and non-recruiters

    We are not a headhunting service. We work on retainer to align our interests with yours, so we aren’t just firing resumes in hopes of nabbing a commission.


    We operate with the mindset that we are part consultants and part integrated team members -- to bring you an external, objective perspective while being as emotionally invested in your success as your own people.

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    Who we work with

    - companies where the difference between top performers and average hires can be 5x or 10x to the bottom line


    - small or stealth companies with unknown brands that need to compete directly with big brands


    - companies that need to scale their recruiting beyond their own network


    - companies that are attracting recruits well but need to focus on retention

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    Who we don't work with

    - companies that just want to get bodies in the office yesterday

    - companies who see recruiting just as a cost and not as investment

    - short-sighted companies who talk a good game while recruiting but don’t deliver on their promises

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    How can we help you?

    When smart leaders are preparing for growth, they ask us to help build their teams for long-term success.



    After selling a company, the founder has easily recruited top talent who want the chance to work with him. But as the company grows past 30 people, he can’t possibly “work directly with” everyone.
    We're developing the new strategy, value proposition, and scalable process for recruiting the company's next 30 hires and beyond.


    A stealth-mode company needs to recruit the same prospects coveted by the big tech players (e.g. Google, Amazon, etc.), without raising their public profile.
    We’re developing low-profile, guerrilla recruiting channels to get them direct access to prized talent as cheaply as possible.


    An emerging technology company needed a performance review process that would also provide insight for determining employee bonuses. When the difference between average and high-performing team members means multiples to the bottom line, a company’s leadership team needs to have confidence that their review process is effective. We created a robust and useful performance review process that includes 360 degree perspective, without it feeling overly “corporate” to fit the company culture.


    A growing company with a team-first culture has recruited much of their staff at slightly sub-market wages in exchange for being part of something great. Now there’s opportunity for huge leaps if they can land a few top experts that command huge salaries.
    We're creating a comprehensive compensation structure to balance seeking the big fish with fairly treating the people who brought them this far.


    After quickly expanding from 100+ to 300+ associates, a company realized it had new and distinct needs in different departments. They wanted a recruiting framework that all departments could leverage, but could also tailor to meet specific needs. We helped develop this and trained their experienced and new recruiters on both company-wide recruiting process and department-specific differences.


    A fast-growing tech company needed to recruit the best and brightest out of university, without the luxury of a household brand name like Google or Twitter or having a large recruiting staff. We helped develop their unique value proposition that is attractive to their ideal recruits. Then we designed a set of processes for university recruiting to make them as attractive and competitive as possible without wasting money on conventional, inefficient recruiting tactics.

    experienced talent strategist and coach

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    Author, RECRUIT OR DIE

    How Any Business Can Beat the Big Guys in the War for Young Talent
    (Penguin Portfolio, 2007)

    read excerpts or get the book on Amazon


    Harvard Business Review interview


    “Recruit or Die should be a college recruiter’s bible! Everyone on the IBM team will get a copy!”
      - Eletta Kershaw, IBM University recruiting and relations
    “If you want a great organization, you need to hire amazing people. These days, if you want amazing people, you need to earn them. This book shows you how. I can’t imagine hiring on campus without a copy.”
      - Seth Godin, bestselling author, The Dip

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    GETCO, a leading electronic trading firm

    Chicago, New York, Singapore, London

    Over the course of four years with GETCO, Chris served in the following roles:
    • Staffing Co-Leader - leading trader and quant recruiting for all offices
    • Asia Staffing Leader - leading recruiting for all roles in Singapore office
    • Coach and People Leader, Technology Division
    • Director, Strategic Planning
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    MIT School of Engineering

    Founding Director, Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP)

    MIT UPOP is a full-year cocurricular program that prepares sophomores to thrive in the world of work. While growing UPOP to the largest internship and professional development program at MIT, Chris advised hundreds of employers and thousands of students on recruiting issues.
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